Enrollment Reports

Kansas Higher Education Statistics (KHEStats)KHEStatsLOGO1 online reports provides access to enrollment reporting under the “Enrollment” tab. This tab includes reported data on students enrolled for either an Academic Year or semester (i.e. spring 2017). Charts and tables look at historical enrollment data using a variety of categories including race/ethnicity, age, and residency status. Information provided here can be reviewed for the public higher education system statewide as a whole, by institution type, or for a specific institution by using the filter options provided on the charts and tables. A user can also hover any data (i.e. a bar within a bar graph) for additional information.

Additionally, historic systemwide Fall and Spring enrollments can be viewed under the "KHEER" tab, including data for total headcount, total full-time equivalency, and total credit hours. Archived reports for data 2005-2012 can be found here:


2020 Enrollment Report - presented May 2020 (pdf)
2019 Enrollment Report - presented May 2019 (pdf)
2018 Enrollment Report - presented May 2018 (pdf)
2017 Enrollment Report - presented March 2017 (pdf)
2016 Enrollment Report - presented March 2016
2015 Enrollment Report - presented March 2015 (pdf)
2014 Enrollment Report - presented March 2014 (pdf)
2013 Enrollment Report - presented March 2013 (pdf)