If you are a high school or college counselor looking to help students enter or navigate postsecondary education, there are a number of resources available to you and your students. Explore some of the common options below.

Apply for College

Scholarship Opportunities
Learn more about the resources available to help high school students apply to colleges and universities in the state. The Board of Regents administers a number of state scholarships available to students at colleges and universities across Kansas. Explore some of the options available for your students.

Degree Options

Qualified Admissions

Kansas DegreeStats provides cost information for every degree at a public university or college in the state, along with the average earnings of graduates from those programs. Learn about the requirements for admission to state universities in Kansas, along with alternative admission options for Kansas residents.
Transfer Options 

Credit for Prior Learning

There are more than 100 courses that transfer across the 32 public colleges and universities in Kansas. Help your students explore those transfer options and discover their path to degree completion.  Students can earn credit at Kansas colleges and universities for demonstrating skills and knowledge equivalent to college-level learning. Options for earning this credit include AP, IB and CLEP exams, along with military experience.
FAFSA Completion Competition

Concurrent Enrollment

In partnership with the Kansas State Department of Education, the Kansas Board of Regents will recognize high schools with the highest percentage of students completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Concurrent enrollment partnerships (CEP) facilitate the teaching of college-level learning at high schools to help students get a head start on their college careers. Learn more about CEP between Kansas high schools and postsecondary institutions.


Any of the resources are meant to be used in your program or shared with your students. If you have something that you think would be helpful to share with other counselors in Kansas, please email Mistie Knox, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have it added to the list.

Kansas Qualified Admission Requirements this link will take you to the Kansas QA webpage where you can learn more and download a flyer to share with your students

Kansas Admission Guide this document will list every higher education institution in Kansas with links to admission, financial aid & show priority scholarship deadlines when appropriate.

System-wide Transfer Courses- this link will take you to the system wide transfer course page where you can see all of the courses that are approved to transfer between our public higher education institutions. (Some courses are unable to transfer when the receiving institution does not offer the course)

Degree Stats- This interactive online tool reviews cost and earnings data from real graduates for each undergraduate degree program offered at a public university or college in Kansas. This is a neat tool to use with underclassmen to teach about the difference between certificate, 2 year & 4 year programs or to do a college finance lesson. Here is a sample Degree Stats classroom lesson that you can use with your students or adapt to your needs.

KSCA Conference Resources

Topics covered: Apply Kansas, All Star High School, Apply Free Days, Systemwide General Education Framework, and Systemwide Transfer.

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2024 April - FAFSA for Educators Details

Educators working with high school students are invited to join KBOR and KASFAA to learn more about financial aid and ensure students receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. Whether you are seasoned at assisting students with financial aid or new, don’t miss this valuable opportunity to better support your students on their path to higher education.

Topics include: Types of Aid Available, Overview of Eligibility, Typical Timeline, Importance of filling out the FAFSA for all students, and some time for Q&A. The same topics will be covered on each date.

Presenters: Mistie Knox, KBOR Associate Director, Academic Affairs & Leah Nicholson, KASFAA Chair of the Outreach Training Committee


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Wed. Nov. 8 12:30pm- FAFSA Changes & Updates

The Department of Federal Student Aid is changing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Scheduled to open for students in December 2023, this "Better FAFSA" will expand eligibility for Federal Financial Aid, Reduce Barriers for certain students populations & offer a better user experience for those completing the FAFSA. This webinar will share the changes in the new form that we know now, show counselors how to help their students and families create an FSA ID now, review expectations and likely deadline changes for the delayed FAFSA opening and share more information about our Kansas State Scholarships.

Presenters: Michele Arellano, KBOR Director for Student Financial Assistance & Tara Lebar, KBOR Associate Director, Academic Affairs

FAFSA Changes & Updates (Click the link for YouTube Webinar Recording)

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KBOR FAFSA Resources Webpage



Tues. April 11 10:00am- Systemwide General Education for KS High School Professionals 

The Kansas Board of Regents recently approved a new Systemwide General Education Package for all public higher education institutions beginning in the fall of 2024. This 34-35 credit hour general education package should transfer as a complete set to any other Kansas public institution, which will undoubtedly change how we advise our transfer students and high school students taking concurrent & dual credit courses. Come and learn about the basics of the new policy, the seven-course categories, how our systemwide transfer courses fit into the plan, and any potential exceptions. Get ready to start thinking about how your advising might look different for the class of 2024!

Presenter: Tara Lebar, KBOR Associate Director, Academic Affairs

Systemwide Gen Ed Overview for KS HS Professionals Webinar Recording

Presentation Slides & Systemwide Transfer Courses for Gen Ed Resource

KBOR Systemwide General Education Website 



Wed. Sept 28 10:00am- KBOR Counselor Resources & Student Scholarships

The Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) has several tools to help high school professionals assist their students with post-secondary planning. Come learn about the programs, resources and scholarships available for you and your students!

Presenters: Tara Lebar, KBOR Associate Director, Academic Affairs & Michele Arellano, KBOR Director of Student Financial Assistance

KBOR Counselor Resources & Student Scholarships Webinar Recording

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