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The Kansas Board of Regents provides statutory administration for high school equivalency in the State of Kansas. This page provides general information on taking the GED® exam and obtaining records.

For immediate assistance in obtaining GED® records, please contact the Kansas GED® State Administrator at (785) 430-4289 and leave a voicemail.  Assistance is also available via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The Kansas Board of Regents issues the Kansas State High School Diploma through the successful completion of the 2014 series GED® exam. The 2014 GED® exam is a four-subject high school equivalency test that measures skills required by high schools and requested by colleges and employers. The four subjects are Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning Through Language Arts.

An electronic diploma and GED® Smart electronic transcript are issued by the State of Kansas via Parchment Exchange after a student passes all four subjects of the exam, and a free, professionally-printed paper copy of the diploma may be requested at www.GED.com.

  1. Getting Started with GED Testing
  2. GED Preparation Programs
  3. GED ReadyTM Practice Test
  4. GED® Test Eligibility
  5. GED® Testing Locations
  6. GED® Testing Fees
  7. GED® Testing Accommodations
  8. GED® Test In Spanish
  9. GED® Test Required Identification
  10. Interpreting GED® Scores
  11. College Admission
  12. ACE Transcript
  13. Retesting Guidelines
  14. Free GED® Credentials
  15. GED® Transcript or Diploma Online
  16. GED® Credentials Verification
  17. Assistance

1. Getting Started with GED® Testing
The first step for anyone wishing to take the GED® test is to create an account at www.GED.com. There is no fee or obligation to create your MyGED™ account. This portal contains important information about the GED® test that will help you navigate through the process.

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2. GED® Preparation Programs
Preparation programs offer instruction aimed at successful completion of the GED® exam. Preparation Programs Offer:

  • GED® instruction
  • Many offer English as a Second Language instruction
  • Other Adult Education and Family Literacy services

For more specific information about what each program offers, please contact the program directly. Click here to review a list of Adult Education Centers in Kansas.

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3. GED ReadyTM Practice Test
The GED ReadyTM (official GED® practice test) is a shortened version of the GED® test designed to indicate whether or not a person is ready to take and pass the official GED® tests. It is a good predictor of success. For information about taking the GED ReadyTM, create a user profile (MyGEDTM portal account) on www.GED.com, and click on the “Study” tab.

Other help:
Sample test questions: https://ged.com/educators_admins/teaching/classroom_materials/

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4. GED® Test Age Requirements
Adults 18 years of age or older may test without any special conditions. 

We do allow 16 or 17 year olds to take the GED® exam if the following steps are completed:

  • Create an account at www.GED.com
    • Submit an email address and phone number as part of this step
    • The email account provided will receive an alert for the next step
    • You cannot schedule a GED® test until completing the steps listed below
  • Complete a Compulsory Attendance Disclaimer Form at the school district which the candidate currently resides The disclaimer applies to Kansas & Out of State residents who are 16 or 17 years of age
    • This is sometimes called a “Disenrollment Form” or “Exit Paperwork”
    • These forms must be accompanied by a parent and/or legal guardian’s signature and school administrator's, with exceptions, including candidates who:
      • present a court order or legal documentation of emancipation
      • are adjudicated and under court authority
      • present a marriage certificate
  • Candidates who have graduated or disenrolled from a home school:
    • Complete the Home School form
    • Must be signed by the home school official, student, parent, and/or legal guardian
  • Fax the completed form to 888-975-8313 with “Attention GED” on the cover sheet. Please do not email documents.
    • The forms will be reviewed and saved electronically
    • The hold on the account will be removed once paperwork has been approved
    • You will receive a notice via email

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5. GED® Testing Locations
Kansas students looking to earn their GED (Kansas State High School Diploma) can take the four separate GED subtests at one of the Kansas Testing Centers or online. The official online proctored GED Test can ONLY be taken through GED Testing Service at GED.com.

GED Testing is a computer-based exam, conducted under secure conditions exclusively at authorized Pearson VUE Testing Centers (PVTC). Authorized PVTCs are approved by the National GED Testing Service and the State GED Administrator. PVTCs are staffed by approved Pearson VUE Test Administrators.

To register for the GED® exam through a PVTC:

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6. GED® Testing Fees
Most Kansas GED® Testing Centers are supported primarily through fees charged for testing. As of July 1, 2015, the fees are as follows:

$33 per module
($132 for the full battery)
Fee to take each of the four official GED® exams on computer at an authorized Pearson VUE testing center (to locate a testing center near you, visit www.GED.com).
$13 per module

Fee to retake any official GED® module (i.e. subject area); up to two re-takes per module within 12 months.

$33 per module Fee after two retakes or longer than 12 months from the original test date
$6 per module
($24 for the full battery)
Fee to take the GED ReadyTM online after creating a user profile (MyGEDTM portal account) at www.GED.com (available under the "Study" tab).
$4 per module
($16 for the full battery)
Fee to take the GED ReadyTM through participating Adult Education Centers. Some Centers waive the fee for their students. For more information, contact a center near you.

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7. GED® Testing Accommodations

GED® test candidates with learning challenges or physical challenges may request modifications of standard testing conditions based on documented special needs. Select the checkbox indicating a need for testing accommodations when creating your user profile (MyGEDTM portal account) at www.GED.com or by downloading and submitting forms available here: https://ged.com/about_test/accommodations/

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8. GED® Test In Spanish
The GED® exam is available in Spanish at all authorized Pearson VUE testing centers or online by selecting the Spanish language format when scheduling each test module. The default language is English; therefore, it is very important to ensure Spanish is selected for each module.

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9. GED® Test Requirements
GED® candidates must provide unexpired photo identification, which includes name, address, date of birth, and signature. Acceptable current photo identification includes:

  • Driver's License
  • Government-issued Photo ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Other form of national or foreign government ID

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10. Interpreting Scores
A GED® Diploma is awarded when a candidate receives a score of at least 145 on each of the four tests for a total score of 580 or higher.

  • Performance Level 1: 100 – 144 = Not passing
  • Performance Level 2: 145 – 164 = Pass / High School Equivalent
  • Performance Level 3: 165 – 174 = GED® College Ready
  • Performance Level 4: 175 – 200 = GED® College Ready + Credit

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11. College Admissions
Nearly all colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the GED® diploma as a high school equivalency credential.

The American Council on Education (ACE) CREDIT® initiative examined the content of the GED® test and during this process, a team of postsecondary content specialists and psychometricians determined whether, at the highest level of performance, the GED® test items reflect college-level work.

Based on their review and recommendations, GED Testing Service created the "GED® College Ready" and "GED® College Ready + Credit" score levels:

GED® College Ready (165-174) demonstrates the skills needed to start college-level courses. Depending on the college or program applied to, test-takers may not be required to take a placement test or any remedial courses in college.

GED® College Ready + Credit (175-200) demonstrates some of the skills taught in college-level courses. Depending on the college or program applied to, test-takers may be eligible for up to 3 credits in Math, 3 credits in Science, 3 credits in Social Studies, and 1 credit in English.

If someone earned over 175 on each of the four test subjects, he or she could get up to 10 semester hours of college credit.

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12. ACE Transcript

The ACE CREDIT® program has established relationships with approximately 2,000 universities and colleges nationwide that grant credit based on ACE CREDIT® recommendations. For a test-taker to take advantage of this credit opportunity, he or she needs to:

1. Contact the college to determine if the credit is issued
2. Visit the ACE CREDIT® website and request an ACE Transcript
3. The transcript request is sent to GED Testing Service for approval and then the transcript is issued

You can find detailed instructions for requesting an ACE Transcript here.

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13. GED® Retesting Guidelines
There is no waiting period for the first two retakes. After taking the same content area test three times, an individual will have to wait 60 days before retesting. There is no limit to how many times an individual may test in one year.

The retake fee is $13 per content area for up to two retakes within a 12 month period. After two retakes or longer than 12 months, the retake fee will be the full price of $33 per content area.

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14. GED® Tests - Free Credentials
A test-taker who passes the GED® test will automatically receive an electronic, secure diploma and Smart Transcript, delivered immediately to their email address after their final test is scored. Please always check your “SPAM - JUNK” folders as well for these documents.

  • The test-taker can request a professionally-printed diploma free of charge
  • The test-taker can send the transcript to an employer or college of their choice
  • Test-takers can order duplicate transcripts or diplomas at https://ged.com/life_after_ged/ for a fee of $20

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15. My GED® Transcript or Diploma Requests
GED Testing Service will fulfill diplomas and transcripts for both new and repeat requests for as far back as there is data available. Visit www.GED.com and click "Grads and Transcripts."

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16. GED® Credentials Third Party Verification

Click here to verify a transcript or diploma with a Parchment Receive account.

1. Follow the instructions
2. Third-party verifications cost $20 to verify the transcript
3. You are only charged when a credential has been verified
4. For questions, contact the Third-Party Vendor Helpline: 1.888.662.0874

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17. Assistance Information

GED® Testing Center Student Support Helpline: 1.877.EXAM.GED (392.6433)
GED® Credential Helpline: 1.888.906.4031 (English and Spanish)
Kansas GED® State Administrator: 785.430.4289
Third-Party Vendor Helpline: 1.888.662.0874
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - For faster service please include the following in your request:

  • First and Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Your GED® ID number, if available

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