Information on the alignment requirements for the Corrections Program

CIP Code: 43.0102
CIP Name: Corrections
Definition: A program that prepares individuals to study the theories and principles, of correctional science and to function as professional corrections officers and other workers in public and/or private incarceration facilities.

Approval Status

The Corrections Alignment was approved by the Kansas Board of Regents on November 17, 2010.  Colleges are granted one year from the approval date to implement the alignment.

State Business and Industry Committee recommendation

After discussion, the committee consensus was to recommend the use of the skills and competencies contained in the curriculum in use by Barton Community College as the “state curriculum” for correctional officers.  Additionally, the committee consensus was that a state assessment will need to be written since there is no national certification or credential.  Closing comments from members stressed the need to distinguish the separate career training needs for law enforcement and corrections officers.


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 Common Courses (17 credit hours)
Common Courses serve as potential articulation and transfer of coursework between secondary and postsecondary partners.   These courses shall have the same title, credit hour allocation, and competencies.  Institutions may add additional competencies based on local demand.  The sequencing of common courses is determined by the institution.

Oral Communications in the Correctional Environment 3 credit hours (pdf)
Corrections Report Writing 3 credit hours (pdf)
Introduction to Corrections 3 credit hours (pdf)
Ethical Decision Making in Corrections 3 credit hours (pdf)
Special Populations in Corrections 3 credit hours (pdf)
Spanish for the Workplace 2 credit hours (pdf)

To learn where this program is available in Kansas, visit the Kansas Career Technical Education Program Search.