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2023 Kansas All Star High Schools

Ashland High School*    Hiawatha High School    Peabody-Burns High School*
Basehor-Linwood High School*    Hoisington High School    Quinter High School
Beloit Jr./Sr. High School*    Hoxie High School    Riley County High School*
Blue Valley High School* (Randolph, KS)    Hugoton High School    Rossville Jr/Sr High School
Blue Valley West High School*    Humboldt High School*    Royal Valley High School
Bucklin High School*    Jackson Heights High School*    Russell High School*
Burlingame High School    Kinsley Junior Senior High School     Salina South High School*
Burlington High School*    Kiowa County High School    Satanta High School
Campus High School*    Labette County High School*    Scott Community High School
Cedar Vale High School    Liberal High School*    Sedan High School*
Cheney High School*     Lyons High School*    Sedgwick High School*
Circle High School    Macksville High School    Shawnee Mission North High School*
Clay Center Community HS*    Maize High School    Shawnee Mission South High School
Clifton-Clyde High School    Maize South High School    Shawnee Mission West High School
Council Grove High School*    Marais des Cygnes Valley High School    Smoky Valley High School*
Deerfield High School     McPherson High School    Stafford High School*
Dighton High School*    Minneola High School*    Sublette High School*
Dodge City High School     Mission Valley Jr/Sr High School*    Syracuse High School
Doniphan West High School    Moscow High School    Thomas More Prep-Marian HS*
Ellinwood High School    Mulvane High School    Tonganoxie High School*
Emporia High School*    Nemaha Central High School*    Topeka High School
Erie High School    Neodesha High School    Ulysses High School 
Eureka Jr. Sr. High School*    Ness City High School*    Wakefield High School*
F.L. Schlagle High School*    Newton High School    Washburn Rural High School
Fort Scott High School*    Northeast Magnet High School*    Washington High School
Fredonia Junior Senior High School*    Olathe East High School    White City High School*
Frontenac High School*    Olathe North High School    Wichita Heights High School
Garden City High School    Olathe South High School    Wichita High School East
Great Bend High School*    Olathe West High School    Wichita High School North*
Greeley County High School*    Osage City High School*    Wichita High School South
Halstead High School    Ottawa High School*    Wichita High School Southeast*
Hayden High School*    Parsons High School*    Wichita High School West
Hesston High School*    *denotes first year qualifier    

2023 All Star High School Map 

Becoming an All Star High School is EASY!

1. Host an Apply Kansas Event

Register as an Apply Kansas School

Host your Application Event

2. Submit your Apply Kansas Summary Data (due annually Mid November)

3. Sponsor or collaborate on a FAFSA Completion Event (typically between Oct-Feb)

(2023/2024 Timeline will be different due to delayed FAFSA Opening)

Plan an event where students & parents can start on the FAFSA application together

Event should provide support to answer specific, confidential questions for families. Financial Aid officers and Admissions representatives from local institutions are often good resources and willing to come help.

FAFSA events can be held at the high school, but can also be held at higher education institutions or other community locations if you are joining together with other high schools.

Be aware of shift work, first generation, undocumented students and other underserved populations. Try to create an event at times and in locations that meets the needs of your underserved community members.

If you host a FAFSA event in the fall, consider doing something again in Jan-Feb. Many students who would benefit most from the FAFSA aren't always ready to apply in the fall. Follow up encouragement and support in the new year might be just what some students need to finalize those postsecondary plans

4. Host a College Signing/Senior Signing Day Event (around May 1)

This event should celebrate the decisions and different pathways for your seniors.

It can be as big or small as you want to make it. (Some schools make it actual signing event for all seniors and invite different colleges, and some incorporate announcing the plans of all seniors into their Honors and Awards ceremony. Creating a bulletin board, banner, poster activity, t-shirt day are all some of the many great ways you can celebrate your seniors' plans) See the link in the resources below.

Whatever you plan, consider how it will look for students planning to go to work or other placements. If you are announcing college placements, how will you announce the job placements? If you do a t-shirt day, will all students be able to participate? You might have to get creative with some of the non-traditional pathways. 

Consider if you can share these pathways with your underclassmen. Can you hang the banner or bulletin board for the school community to see? Are underclassmen invited to your award ceremony. By celebrating every senior, you give all of your students an opportunity to consider a post-secondary path outside of what they already know. 

5. Complete the All Star Survey (in April) from Mistie Knox to describe your three events


Financial Aid Resources

Hosting a FAFSA Event Webinar

College Signing Day National Resource Website

Google Doc with College Signing Day Photos & Ideas (add your ideas to share here!)


Each All Star High School will receive a certificate and vinyl banner to display at school (photo 1). Each year after that, award winning schools will receive a certificate and star sticker to add to their banner, indicating multiple award winning years (photo 2).

Year #1:

2023 All Star School Banner

Year #2-5:

          2023 Star                   All Star School Banner yr 2 5               


For more information:

Mistie Knox, Associate Director, Academic Affairs

Apply Kansas State Coordinator

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