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74-32,163.  Definitions.
74-32,164.  Institutions and courses exempt from act. 
74-32,165.  Rules and regulations; institutions qualified to award academic degrees, standards; information from state agencies.
74-32,166.  Advisory commission; membership; meetings; compensation. 
74-32,167.  Certificate of approval required prior to awarding a degree, certificate or diploma; contracts unenforceable, when. 
74-32,168.  Certificate of approval, application; branch institutions. 
74-32,169.  Certificate of approval; compliance with minimum standards required. 
74-32,170.  Certificate of approval; application, contents; term; renewal; notice of intent to nonrenew.
74-32,171.  Refusal to issue certificate; appeal. 
74-32,172.  Same; revocation or imposition of conditions; notice; hearing.
74-32,173.  Same; judicial review; violations of act, injunction. 
74-32,174.  Institution's representative, registration with state board; renewal, denial, or revocation of registration. 
74-32,175.  Surety bond or certificate of evidence of insurance.
74-32,176.  Advance payment of tuition and retention of tuition, limitations. 
74-32,177.  Prohibited acts; criminal penalty. 
74-32,178.  Violations of act; Kansas consumer protection act; injunctions; civil fine. 
74-32,179.  Failure to comply with act; refund of money, interest; contracts, void.
74-32,180.  Promissory instruments as payment of tuition.
74-32,181.  Fees.
74-32,182.  Private and out-of-state postsecondary educational institution fee fund.
74-32,183.  Severability.
74-32,184.  Statewide data collection system.

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