1.  When would the receiving institution be permitted to require an incoming transfer student who completed the systemwide GE to complete additional GE?

An incoming transfer student who completed the systemwide GE can be required to complete additional GE when the student:


2.  If a student completed the systemwide GE, can the receiving institution go through and check the transcript and apply the GE grading and performance course standards that all its native students are required to meet?

No. The goal of the systemwide GE was to create a system in which the receiving institution could not unpack a completed GE and enforce its own GE standards.  Here are some more specifics.


  • If a receiving institution requires all its native students to earn a “C” or higher in a specific GE course(s), it cannot require a transfer student who completed the systemwide GE to retake and ultimately earn a higher grade in such a specific GE course in which he/she earned a “D” Grade; however, it should be noted that if the student is pursuing a program with a grade standard that is required to meet selective admission criteria or is necessary to meet programmatic accreditation or licensure standards, the student may be required to retake a GE course and ultimately earn a higher grade.

Performance Courses (see the Arts and Humanities Bucket)

  • If a receiving institution prohibits native students from using a performance course (e.g., piano I) to apply toward the six-credit-hour arts and humanities bucket, it cannot enforce the same standard when a transfer student completed the systemwide GE.