Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

  1. Student Resources master contract for the plan year 8/1/18 - 7/31/19
    • Plan 01 - Undergraduate, health science and other graduate, students not eligible for GTA/GRA coverage
    • Plan 03 - Eligible Graduate Assistants, Graduate Teaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants
    • Plan 04 - International Students

  2. Student Resources webpage for the plan information, brochures and application forms

  3. UnitedHealthCare Prescription Drug list reference guide and January 2018 flyer with updated prescription drug information

     Because the Kansas Board of Regents plan has a 2 tier prescription drug plan, the tier 3 drugs on the list will fall into the tier 2 category of drugs.

  4. Student Insurance Advisory Committee

  5. Student Health Insurance Regulations