Four Regents serve on the Board Fiscal Affairs and Audit Standing Committee, established in 2002.  The Regents are appointed annually by the Chair and approved by the Board.  The membership includes:

Regent Benson Web Photo

Blake Benson
(June 2026)

Regent Dicus Web Photo

John B. Dicus
(June 2026)

Regent ParaskerNeelima Parasker
(June 2027)

Regent Wint Winter

Wint Winter
(June 2025)

Fiscal Affairs and Audit meets by conference call approximately two weeks prior to each Board meeting to finalize items for the Board agenda.  The Committee also meets in person the morning of the first day of the monthly Board meeting. 

Meeting agendas can be found in the back of the Board's monthly agenda books.

The Fiscal Affairs and Audit Committee meetings are public and notice will be given in accordance with the Kansas Open Meetings Act (KSA 75-4317 through 75-4320a).

FY 2024 Meeting Information

June 4, 2024 (conference call)  Agenda  
April 30, 2024 (conference call)  Agenda  
April 2, 2024 (conference call)  Agenda  
March 5, 2024 (conference call)  Agenda  
January 30, 2024 (conference call)  Agenda  
January 2, 2024 (conference call)  Agenda  
November 28, 2023 (conference call)  Agenda  
October 31, 2023 (conference call)  Agenda  
September 5, 2023 (conference call) 



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