Board Fiscal Affairs & Audit Standing Committee

Four Regents serve on the Board Fiscal Affairs and Audit Standing Committee, established in 2002.  The Regents are appointed annually by the Chair and approved by the Board.  The 2018-2019 membership includes:

20150916 Bain photo-thumbnail

Joe Bain
(June 2018)

20130918 Bangerter photo thumbnail

Shane Bangerter
(June 2021)

 20140917 Feuerborn photo thumbnail

Bill Feuerborn
(June 2018)

20150916 Murfin photo thumbnail

Dave Murfin
(June 2019)

Fiscal Affairs and Audit meets by conference call approximately two weeks prior to each Board meeting to finalize items for the Board agenda.  The Committee also meets in person the morning of the first day of the monthly Board meeting.  

The Fiscal Affairs and Audit Committee meetings are public and notice will be given in accordance with the Kansas Open Meetings Act (KSA 75-4317 through 75-4320a).

For more information about the Councils and Committees of the Kansas Board of Regents, please contact us.

Bond Disclosure Training

On December 7, 2016, attorneys with Kutak Rock provided the state universities a training session on bond disclosure requirements when participating in the municipal bond market. The file located here is for the use of those staff members at the universities who serve on their university’s bond disclosure committee or are involved in any way with the bond process.