Open Educational Resources

What is OER?

image of the state of Kansas with "OER" in the middle.Open educational resources (OER) “are teaching, learning and research materials in any medium – digital or otherwise – that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions.”1 That is, OER include built in permission to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute the material.

In an effort to exhibit the need for OER at institutions across the state of Kansas, the Kansas Board of Regents Student Advisory Committee conducted a survey in 2019 to demonstrate the burden of textbook costs on students at Regent Institutions. They found that 48 percent of 6,474 regent institutions’ students indicated they did not purchase or rent a required textbook in the spring semester. Seventeen percent said they did not purchase or rent three or more required textbooks.1 By not purchasing textbooks, students could be at a disadvantage, which could hinder their success in a course. With open/alternative educational resources, all students get equal and immediate access to educational materials.2

Statewide OER Steering Committee

To encourage OER use across public institutions in the state of Kansas, the OER Steering Committee was developed and is made up of representatives across Kansas public institutions who are interested in OER on their campuses. The group convenes once a month to discuss statewide initiatives, including collaborative events, grant applications, system participation in regional and national OER organizations, OER platforms, and best practices. If your institution does not have a representative on the OER Steering Committee and you would like to add someone, email Tara Lebar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OER action plan document front page The Kansas Board of Regents Open Educational (OER) Steering Committee Action Plan (pdf) was developed as a result of the 2019 student-focused survey conducted by the Kansas Board of Regents Student Advisory Committee and collaborative discussion among members of the OER Steering Committee. The plan explains what OER are as well as the statewide priorities.
Textbook Affordability Survey cover page The Textbook Affordability Survey 2019 Results & Report (pdf) was conducted by the 2018-2019 Student Advisory Committee to provide concrete data behind the burden of textbook costs that students attending our universities are facing.

System Memberships

Open Education Network (OEN)

OEN Badge MemberIn 2020, the Kansas Board of Regents joined the Open Education Network (OEN) as a consortial member. 

A diverse community of higher education institutions, the Open Education Network promotes access, affordability, and student success through the use of open textbooks.


Driving OER Sustainability for Student Success (DOERS3)

The Kansas Board of Regents is part of the Driving OER Sustainability for Student Success (DOERS3) Collaborative. Open to public higher education systems and statewide/provincewide organizations, DOERS3 and its members support large-scale OER initiatives and are committed to advancing innovation in OER. Member organizations aim to achieve equity and student success at scale by realizing the promise of high-quality, accessible, and sustainable OER implementations.

Upcoming OER Events

OER Faculty Workshops

KBOR will be sponsoring free workshops for faculty to learn more about the OER initiative and have an opportunity to engage with OER text.  This 90 minute workshop touches on three main concepts:

1. Raise Awareness on issues relating to students regarding access & affordability in higher education

2. Educate faculty about Open Education Resources and how they can help address some problems that our students face. 

3. Offer an opportunity to Engage with a text from the Open Text Library. 

If you've been wanting to have an opportunity to learn more about OER and how it can impact your courses and your students, register at the links below for one of our workshops.  Registration is limited to 30 participants for each workshop.  Click the link below to register for the workshop that fits with your schedule.

 KBOR OEN Faculty Workshop  (Fall Faculty Workshop Flyer)

1. Thursday, September 16, 2021  8:30-10:00am

2. Tuesday, September 21, 2021  3:30-5:00pm 

3. Friday, October 1, 2021  12:00-1:30pm 

4. Monday, October 25, 2021  3:30-5:00pm 

5. Friday, November 5, 2021  1:30-3:00pm

6. Wednesday, November 10, 2021  12:00-1:30pm

Workshops are free, but advanced registration is required.  Registration will be open until the deadline or until the course hits capacity.  Please do not register for more than one session.  Participants who attend the workshop & submit a text review by the required deadline will be eligible for a small stipend.


2020 Kansas OER Webinars Series Recordings



1 Kansas Board of Regents Student Advisory Committee Textbook Affordability Survey: 2019 Results & Report

OER logo credit: Barton Community College