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What is Reverse Transfer?

Reverse Transfer allows you to receive your associate degree from your most recent Kansas community college or technical college by combining the credits you earned there and the credits you earn after transferring to a Kansas public university. 

Within your first year, if you transfer coursework from a community college or technical college to a public university, you will be notified if you are eligible to be considered for Reverse Transfer.  You are eligible if you have completed 45 credit hours at one or more colleges and if you consent to the release of your academic records.  If you consent (also known as “opting in”) your academic records will be evaluated for degree completion and your degree will be conferred based upon a satisfactory evaluation.  Opting in is the first step. 

Why do Reverse Transfer?

A college degree is key to economic opportunity.  Research shows that on average, people with more education make more money than those with less.  Associate degree holders average about $200,000 more over a lifetime than individuals with some college but no degree, while bachelor’s degree holders average over $720,000 more. 

The associate degree represents an educational achievement, a credential for career advancement, and a building block to additional academic accomplishments.  Further, research shows that students who earn the associate degree via reverse transfer are more likely to continue their education and complete a bachelor’s degree. 


  • Systemwide Reverse Transfer institutional contacts are available here (pdf).