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Kansas FAFSA Stats

  • As of June 2023, our state-wide FAFSA completion rate was 47%. This is 2% higher* than in 2022. (*National FAFSA Tracker)
  • As of June 2024, our state-wide FAFSA completion rate (all high schools) is at 38%.  This is 15% lower compared to this time last year (*National FAFSA Tracker)
  • As of June 2024, the average FAFSA completion rate of Kansas public high schools is 43%!
  • Our goal is for all Kansas high schools to move toward a FAFSA completion rate of 80% in the next five years.

 Let's reach for 70% FAFSA Completion Rate in kansas, in 2024!

In 2023, there were 96 Kansas High Schools with a FAFSA Completion percentage above 60%

Schools with 70% FAFSA Completions or higher Size %
Wheatland High School 1A 100%
Central Plains Jr. Sr. High School 1A 83%
Cunningham High 1A 83%
Hanover High 1A 81%
Little River High 1A 80%
Winona High 1A 80%
South Barber 7-12 1A 79%
Smith Center Jr Sr High 2A 76%
Sumner Academy of Arts & Science 5A 73%
Frontenac Sr. High School 3A 72%
Meade High 2A 71%
Hesston High 3A 71%
Decatur Community Jr/Sr High 1A 70%
Wichita County Junior-Senior High School 2A 70%
Valley Heights Jr/Sr High 2A 70%


2024 kansas fafsa challenge

FAFSA Challenge

Started in 2021, the Kansas FAFSA Challenge is a statewide FAFSA completion competition among Kansas high schools.  Schools will be grouped by size and recognized in two different categories:
Highest Completion Rate
Schools with at least 70% FAFSA Completion rate

Competition Structure

The Kansas FAFSA Challenge will be active from October 1*, or when the FAFSA opens, until June 30 each year.  We use senior class size data as reported to KSDE, and the FAFSA completion numbers for this year as reported by FAFSA state-wide data.  The winning schools will be announced and recognized annually by both the Kansas Board of Regents and the Kansas State Board of Education.

*The 2024-2025 FAFSA application opened for students on January 1, 2024

FAFSA Challenge Leaderboard

Highest FAFSA Completion Rate (updated 6/17/2024)

1A     2A  
Highest Completion Rate %   Highest Completion Rate %
Wheatland High School 100%   Smith Center Jr Sr High 76%
Central Plains Jr. Sr. High School 83%   Meade High 71%
Cunningham High 83%   Wichita County Junior-Senior High School 70%
Hanover High 81%   Valley Heights Jr/Sr High 70%
Little River High 80%   Lincoln Jr/Sr High 69%
Winona High 80%      
3A     4A  
Highest Completion Rate %   Highest Completion Rate %
Frontenac Sr. High School 72%   Labette County High School 60%
Hesston High 71%   Bishop Miege High School 56%
Smoky Valley High 69%   Eudora High  School 54%
Hayden High 68%   Louisburg High 54%
Bishop Ward High School 68%   Scott City High 53%
5A     6A  
Highest Completion Rate %   Highest Completion Rate %
Sumner Academy of Arts & Science 73%   Mill Valley High School 52%
St. James Academy 58%   Blue Valley West High 52%
Hays High 55%   Olathe Northwest High School 52%
St Thomas Aquinas High School 53%   Maize Sr High 52%
De Soto  High  School 53%   Washburn Rural High 50%

Kansas FAFSA Tracker

class of 2024 fafsa COMPLETIONS

Federal Student Aid provides high schools with current data about their FAFSA submissions and completions, so that high schools can track their progress and help to ensure that their students complete a FAFSA form. The data on the Federal Student Aid website is displayed in spreadsheets broken down by state or territory that include the high school’s name and city. 

To see your high school's individual student FAFSA submission list, please fill out the attachment and send your request to Linda Oldham Burns This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note from Federal Student Aid: 
School names will not be displayed if they have never had at least five application completions for any reported time period.
If a school name is listed, but has fewer than five application completions for a given time period, the value of “<5” will be used as a placeholder for the number of application submissions and completions. Applications from these schools are, however, included in the district calculations.

Announcements from Federal Student Aid on data:
Do you have concerns related to your high school within the data or on the FAFSA form? Our “FAQ” and “Data Details” pages reflect recent changes and trending questions, including the definition of a senior, why some schools are not listed on the FAFSA form, and common errors or misconceptions when analyzing the data.

Do you need help increasing the FAFSA completion numbers in your area or at your high school? The Financial Aid Toolkit helps counselors understand the basics of federal student aid, provides tips on hosting events (along with sample PowerPoint presentations), provides suggested messages for social media and email outreach, and helps find other training opportunities.

Track your progress with the Kansas FAFSA Tracker

The Kansas FAFSA Tracker allows schools to see weekly updates of their FAFSA completion percentages. This website shows a calculated FAFSA percentage for every Kansas High School* and creates a leaderboard for Kansas high schools and each KSHSAA division. 

(*Schools will only show on the leaderboard if they have at least 5 FAFSA completions.  Click the FAFSA state-wide data to see the most recent number of FAFSA completions for your school)

If you see an error or cannot find your school contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      

To see a brief walk thru on how to use the Kansas FAFSA Tracker website: Kansas FAFSA Tracker Demo Video (7 mins) 


 A video with some of the 2021 Winners


FAFSA Event Resources

One of the best ways to increase FAFSA completion rates and support your students and families in navigating the FAFSA is by holding a FAFSA completion event at your school.  Listed below are some lessons & resources you can share with your school community.  Everything you need to plan, experts to call, and steps to follow to host a FAFSA event for your students & parents.

Planning a FAFSA Completion Event 

FAFSA & Financial Aid Resources

FAFSA Website

FAFSA Completion Event Webinar Recording- January 21, 2021

Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (KASFAA)- Counselor Training Webinars