Kansas Core Outcomes Group Conference

Each year faculty from all 32 institutions are invited to participate in the Kansas Core Outcomes Group Conference (KCOG) to articulate core outcomes for courses to be recommended for systemwide transfer.

The 2018 KCOG Conference will be held October 12, 2018, at University of Kansas Edwards Campus.

To prepare for this conference, attending faculty should:

  • Be familiar with the course, its syllabus, and the course number and title used by the institution.
  • Be empowered to write student outcomes and represent the vote of the institution for each course articulated for systemwide transfer.  

In order to keep the number of faculty attending the annual conferences to a manageable number, disciplines will be asked to meet for reviewing courses every other year or as needed.  


The following courses were recommended by faculty groups or institutions and selected for possible consideration as Systemwide Transfer (SWT) courses by the Transfer and Articulation Council based on established criteria:

  • To be determined in the spring of 2018

Additional courses, which are currently included in Systemwide Transfer, will be reviewed for updating core outcomes as necessary:

  • To be determined in the spring of 2018