Kansas Core Outcomes Group Conference

Each year faculty from all 32 institutions participate in the Kansas Core Outcomes Group Conference (KCOG) to articulate core outcomes for specified courses recommended for Systemwide Transfer (SWT).

The 2021 KCOG Conference will be held VIRTUALLY on October 8, 2021 hosted by Wichita State University. The website will be updated with additional information for the 2021 KCOG as appropriate. 

To prepare for this conference, attending faculty should be familiar with the course outcomes for the specified courses. Appointed faculty will articulate and vote on student outcomes for each course recommended by the Transfer and Articulation Council (TAAC).

The following is a list of specified courses for the 2021 KCOG approved by the TAAC:

New courses for 2021 KCOG

  1. Microbiology & Lab
  2. Business Law
  3. State & Local Government
  4. Cultural Diversity and Ethnicity
  5. Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
  6. Educating Exceptional Students

Review courses for 2021 KCOG (Five-year review of outcomes)

  1. Anatomy & Physiology-5 credit hours
  2. Anatomy & Physiology-8 credit hours
  3. Introduction to Business
  4. Introduction to Education
  5. Introduction to Women’s Studies
  6. World Regional Geography
  7. Medical Terminology
  8. First Aid & CPR
  9. College Algebra
  10. Contemporary/Essential Mathematics
  11. General/Business Calculus
  12. Introduction to Psychology
  13. Human Lifespan/Developmental Psychology