Review the documentation below to submit new programs for approval.


Policies and procedures for new program approval are found in Chapter II, Section A of the Policy Manual

New Program Proposals:  

  • The new form contains all requirements necessary for program approval.
  • Access the bachelors and masters New Program Proposal Form (doc).
  • Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about the doctoral program form.

New Minor Without Major Proposals:

Proposed University Programs:

(This is a competency-based education program)

(This program has two modes of delivery: 1) course-based hybrid, and 2) competency-based education program) 



Policies/procedures for approval of courses and programs are found in Chapter III, Section A of the Policy Manual.

New Technical Program(s) Forms and Documents:

Program Modification(s) Forms and Documents:

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Applied Technologies Forms and Documents:

Apprenticeship Application

Business and Industry Training Forms and Documents:

Out of Service Area Instruction Approval:

Proposed Community College & Technical College Programs: