Information on the alignment requirements for the Medical Assistant Program

CIP Code: 51.0801
CIP Name: Medical/Clinical Assistant
Definition: A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians, to provide medical office administrative services and perform clinical duties including patient intake and care, routine diagnostic and recording procedures, pre-examination and examination assistance, and the administration of medications and first aid. Includes instruction in basic anatomy and physiology; medical terminology; medical law and ethics; patient psychology and communications; medical office procedures; and clinical diagnostic, examination, testing, and treatment procedures.

Approval Status

The Medical Assistant Alignment was approved by the Kansas Board of Regents on January 27, 2022.  Colleges are granted one year from the approval date to implement the alignment. Implementation is required by Fall 2023.

State Business and Industry Committee recommendation

The Business and Industry Committee recommended that Medical Assistant program completers of the technical certificate B, C and the Associates of Applied Science (AAS) be eligible for either the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), or the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) credential. The Business and Industry committee also recommended adding a technical certificate A for entry level employees named Medical Assistant Trainee. Completers of this certificate will not be eligible to take the CMA, CCMA or RMA exam.

Alignment Map

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Common Courses (7 credit hours)
Common Courses serve as potential articulation and transfer of coursework between secondary and postsecondary partners.   These courses shall have the same title, credit hour allocation, and competencies.  Institutions may add additional competencies based on local demand.  The sequencing of common courses is determined by the institution.

Medical Administrative Aspects                          4 credit hours (pdf)
Emergency Preparedness  1 credit hour (pdf)
Medical Professional Issues 2 credit hours (pdf)

Support Courses  17-25 credit hours)
Institutions may utilize existing like courses which adhere to the agreed upon course lengths and competencies.

Medical Terminology 3 credit hours

Anatomy and Physiology

(or) Human Body in Health and Disease

3- 5 credit hours
Patient Care 4-8 credit hours
Pharmacology 3 credit hours
Medical Administration Min 1 credit hour

Lab Diagnostics (or) Lab Techniques

(or) Phlebotomy

3-5 credit hours


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