The Kansas Promise Scholarship Act provides service scholarships for students to attend Kansas community colleges and Kansas technical colleges in specific fields of study.

Kansas Promise Scholarship Act Information  

Kansas Promise Scholarship FAQs



 Application for Fall 2024 semester and Spring 2025 semester are available online 


   Application Deadlines vary by semester:    

         Fall 2024 application deadline - November 1, 2024*

        Spring 2025 application deadline - April 1, 2025*

         To apply for Summer 2025, you will need to apply on the 2025-26 school year application.  This application will open in early 2025 online.

              *Awards are made on a first come, first serve basis. The application could close before these dates if funding for this scholarship is exhausted before this deadline.

Promise Scholarship Eligible Field of Study

Each eligible field of study must be in one of the four fields -  

  • Information technology and security;
  • Mental and physical healthcare;
  • Advanced manufacturing and building trades;
  • Early childhood education and development; OR
  • One additional field of study designated by the institution and identified as eligible by the Board of Regents;
    •  Must be in the areas of
      • agriculture,
      • food and natural resources,
      • education and training,
      • law, public safety, corrections, and security,
      • transportation, distribution and logistics.

If an additional program is designated by an institution, the program must be kept in place for at least three years, at which time a new program may be selected, as long as it corresponds to a high wage, high demand or critical need occupation.



Eligible institutions must have at least one existing eligible program to be considered eligible and include:

  • Public community colleges;
  • Public technical colleges;
  • Washburn Institute of Technology; and
  • Private, not-for-profit institutions that offer eligible programs 

Institutions will be charged with making individual awards to eligible students (including verification of students’ eligibility), entering into a Promise scholarship service agreement with each student awarded a scholarship, creating and maintaining student-level records as required by the Board of Regents to document satisfaction of the bill’s requirements; and

Institutions shall credit their Promise scholarship funds to the award recipients’ accounts to pay the appropriate amount of tuition, required fees, books and required materials for the field of study in which the student enrolls.


Approved Programs by Institution



Student Eligibility

For students to be eligible for a service scholarship, they must:

  • Be a United States citizen and Kansas resident; AND
  • Have graduated from a secondary school within the preceding 12 months or have attended a secondary school and obtained an equivalent credential within the preceding 12 months; OR
  • Be Kansas resident for the preceding three consecutive years; OR
  • Be a dependent child of a military servicemember permanently stationed in another state and who, within the preceding 12 months, graduated from any out-of-state secondary school or obtained a high school equivalency; OR
  • Was in the custody of the KS Department of Children and Families at any time during grades 9-12.

To be eligible, students must have a family household income of:

  • $100,000 or less for a family of two;
  • $150,000 or less for a family of three; and
  • $150,000 + $4,800 per additional family member beyond three.

Students must:

  • Complete the required scholarship application;
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA);
  • Enter into a Kansas promise scholarship agreement; and enroll in, and complete within 36 months of first being awarded a Kansas Promise scholarship, an eligible field of study at an eligible institution.

The bill permits students to enroll on a part-time or full-time basis, but students must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward completion of the promise-eligible program and complete the program within 36 months from the first award.  Upon completion of the program, students must reside and work in Kansas for a minimum of two consecutive years or enroll in a Kansas institution of higher education and subsequently reside and work in Kansas for a minimum of two consecutive years.

Students satisfy the requirements of the scholarship agreement if they

  • Satisfy all the requirements of the Kansas promise scholarship agreement;
  • Commence service as a military servicemember after receiving the scholarship;
  • Are determined by the Board of Regents to have “made the best possible effort to do so;” OR
  • Are unable to satisfy the requirements due to disability or death of the recipient.

If any condition of the agreement is not met and the student is not found to otherwise have satisfied the requirements in accordance with the Kansas Promise Scholarship Act, the student must repay the scholarship plus accrued interest (at the federal PLUS program interest rate) within six months after failure to satisfy the agreement.  Causes for repayment would include if a student changes enrollment to an in-eligible program.  The bill allows for installment payments on the indebtedness, and the Board of Regents is authorized to transfer repayment accounts to a loan servicer or collections agency.  Requirements may be postponed by the Board of Regents for “good cause.” 


Forms for service obligation

Verification form to show that you are working and living in Kansas:  Promise Status Verification Form

Appeal form to request an extension for more time to complete your program:  Promise Timeframe Extension Appeal Form


Award Amounts

This scholarship is a last dollar scholarship, which means that a student may receive a scholarship in the amount of aggregate tuition, required fees, books and materials minus all other financial aid (including grants and scholarships) that does not require repayment.

This scholarship may be used for up to a per student lifetime total of 68 credit hours or $20,000, whichever occurs first, in one or more of these eligible programs. Your educational institution will determine your eligibility for the Kansas Promise Scholarship and the amount of your Promise Scholarship award based on the cost of the program you have chosen, information from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which you are required to complete upon application for the Kansas Promise Scholarship, and other financial aid that you may be receiving. 

For eligible students attending a four-year eligible postsecondary institution, the scholarship award is limited to the average cost of what is charged by a two-year eligible public institution offering the same field of study. 



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