88-12-5   Provisions of agreement 

(a) Each phased retirement agreement shall specify:
     (1) the fractional time appointment to be served. Fractional time appointments shall be calculated on the total academic or fiscal year depending on the term of the appointment at the time of entry into the program, and shall carry with them a proportionate reduction in salary;
     (2) the initial salary to be paid for the fractional time appointment;
     (3) the full-time benefits to be enjoyed by the unclassified employee; and
     (4) the duration of the agreement, which shall not exceed five years, and the date of full retirement.
     (b) The final agreement shall contain the signatures of both parties. (Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 76-746, as amended by 1994 Substitute for HB 2597, Sec. 30; effective, T-86-22, July 1, 1985; effective May 1, 1986; amended Nov. 28, 1994.)