88-2-1 Residence classification. (a) The registrar of each institution governed by the state board of regents shall determine the residence status for fee purposes of each student who enrolls in the institution. If the registrar determines that the original residency classification of any student was incorrect, the registrar shall give written notice of reclassification to that student, together with a statement of any additional fees owed by or any refund due to that student for any terms or semesters, and the same shall be due and payable immediately.

     (b) Any residency determination by an agent duly designated by a registrar to make a determination pursuant to articles 2 and 3 shall be deemed to be the residency determination of that registrar. (Authorized by K.S.A. 76-730; implementing K.S.A. 76-729; effective, E-71-35, Aug. 20, 1971; effective Jan. 1, 1972; amended Nov. 18, 1991; amended July 24, 1998.)