Private Postsecondary Rules & Regulations

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88-28-8. Student records upon closure of an institution.

(a) Upon closure of an institution, an owner of the institution or the owner’s designee shall deliver or make available to the state board all records of the students who are or have been in attendance at the institution. These records shall be delivered or made available no more than 15 calendar days following the closure.
(b) If the student records are not delivered or made available to the state board as required by subsection (a), any action deemed necessary may be commenced by the state board to obtain possession of the records.
(Authorized by K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 74-32,165; implementing K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 74-32,175; effective Oct. 20, 2006; amended May 26, 2017.)