88-28-7. Enrollment agreement.

(a) (1) Before any institution may accept payment from a student, an official of the institution shall provide that student with an enrollment documents that explicitly outline the obligations of the institution and the student and the enrollment period for which the enrollment documents apply. When the official of the institution provides any student with the institution’s enrollment documents, the official shall also physically or electronically provide the student with a copy of the institution's catalog and any other supporting documents that detail the services to be provided by the institution.
(2) The enrollment documents shall be written so that they can be understood by the prospective student or, if the prospective student is a minor, that prospective student’s parent or legal guardian, regardless of the educational background of the individual.
(b) The enrollment documents shall contain the following elements:
(1) A title that identifies the enrollment documents as a contract or legal agreement, if applicable;
(2) the name and address of the institution;
(3) the title of the program or each course in which the student is enrolling, as identified in the course catalog;
(4) the number of clock-hours or credit hours and the number of weeks or months required for completion of the program or each course in which the student is enrolling;
(5) identification of the type of certificate, diploma, or degree to be received by the student upon successful completion of the program or each course;
(6) the total amount of tuition required for the program or each course in which the student is currently enrolling. If the total number of clock-hours or credit hours required for completion of the program will span more than one enrollment period, the enrollment documents shall include a statement that tuition is subject to change;
(7) the cost of any required books and supplies, which may be estimated if necessary;
(8) any other costs and charges to be paid by the student;
(9) the scheduled start and end dates of the program or each course and a description of the class schedule;
(10) the grounds for termination of enrollment by the institution before the student’s completion of the program or each course. These grounds may include the student’s insufficient progress, nonpayment, and failure to comply with the institution’s published rules;
(11) the method by which the student can cancel or voluntarily terminate enrollment;
(12) the institution's refund policy for cancellations and terminations, as described in K.S.A. 74-32,169 and amendments thereto and K.A.R. 88-28-2. Reference may be given to the page where the refund policy is listed in the institution’s catalog in effect at the time of enrollment;
(13) a statement disclaiming any guarantee of employment for the student after the program or each course is completed;
(14) the reasons why the institution could postpone the scheduled starting date or the class schedule, the maximum period of any possible delay, and any effect that the postponement could have on the institution’s refund policy;
(15) a description of the nature and extent of any possible major or unusual change in any course content, program content, or materials and the amount of any extra expenses that could be charged to the student;
(16) the date on which the enrollment documents become effective, if applicable;
(17) an acknowledgment that the student who signs the enrollment documents has read and received a copy of the enrollment documents, if applicable;
(18) the signature of the student or the student’s legal representative, if the student is a minor, and the date of this signature, if applicable;
(19) the signature of an official at the institution who is authorized to sign for the institution and the date of this signature, if applicable;
(20) if any extra charges are assessed, a description of what each charge is for and, if payment of these charges is collected in advance, a reasonable refund policy; and
(21) a description of any items or services required to be purchased from sources other than the institution, if any. (Authorized by K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 74-32,165; implementing K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 74-32,165, 74-32,169, and 74-32,176; effective Oct. 20, 2006; amended May 26, 2017.)