88-26-2. Accreditation.
(a) Accreditation by the higher learning commission of the north central association of colleges and schools shall be presumptive evidence that the criteria specified in subsection (b) are met.
(b) To be approved by the board for purposes of qualifying to receive state aid, each institution shall be required to meet the following minimum standards:
(1) The curriculum reasonably and adequately ensures achievement of the stated objectives for which the curriculum is offered. The institution shall have policies and procedures in place to evaluate and ensure the quality of its educational programs.
(2) The faculty members hold the credentials appropriate to the academic program offered as follows:
(A) Each faculty member shall possess an academic degree that is relevant to what the individual is teaching and that is at least one level above the level at which the individual is teaching. Alternatively, for each faculty member employed based on equivalent experience, the institution shall establish criteria for minimum equivalent experience that will be used in the appointment process.
(B) Each instructor, including instructors in dual-credit, contractual, and collaborative programs, shall be appropriately credentialed.
(3) The institution makes available to its students support services appropriate for its mission, including advising, academic records, financial aid, and placement, each of which shall meet the following conditions:
(A) The services are readily available and evaluated periodically to determine their overall effectiveness.
(B) The extent of the services provided by the institution and any associated cost to the student are stated in the catalog and other appropriate publications.
(4) The facilities and environs are safe and support learning appropriate for the curriculum.
(5) The institution owns or has secured access to the learning resources and services necessary to support the learning expected of its students, including laboratories, libraries, performance spaces, and clinical practice sites.
(6) The financial resources of the institution are sufficient to reasonably and adequately support its current operations, meet its stated objectives, and continue to do so in the foreseeable future.
(7) The institution engages in systematic and integrated planning. Processes allow the institution to enhance its strengths and minimize its weaknesses in the face of a changing environment.
(8) The institution's governance and administrative structures promote effective leadership and support collaborative processes that enable the institution to fulfill its mission. The governance structure is consistent with the institution's stated objectives and provides for the following:
(A) The governing board is knowledgeable about the institution, provides oversight for the institution's financial and academic policies and practices, and meets its legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
(B) The institution enables the involvement of its administration, faculty, staff, and students in setting academic requirements, policy, and processes through effective structures for contribution and collaborative effort.
(9) The institution operates with integrity in its financial, academic, personnel, and auxiliary functions. The institution demonstrates integrity in the relationship with its internal and external constituents.
(A) The academic freedom of both students and faculty is upheld to the extent permitted by law and governing board policy.
(B) Due process is recognized in the institutional operations.
(C) The institution's practices are consistent with its published procedures.
(D) The institution accurately portrays its practices, services, and programs.
(E) The institution meets all applicable federal and state requirements.
(c) The loss of accreditation by an institution, or for Washburn institute of technology, its affiliated university, shall be presumptive evidence of failure to adhere to the minimum standards set by the board. Each institution that loses its accreditation shall be subject to the loss of state aid unless the institution demonstrates that it meets the minimum standards specified in subsection (b). (Authorized by K.S.A 72-7514, K.S.A. 74-32,140, and K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 74-32,141; implementing K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 71-601, 71-620, K.S.A. 71-801, K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 71-1803, 72-4480, K.S.A. 74-32,140, and K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 74-32,141; effective Oct. 29, 2004; amended April 10, 2015.)