Virtual Apply Kansas Event

1. Determine your online platform and timeline for event

2. Recruit Volunteers - Teachers, college representatives, etc.

3. Identify how you’ll want seniors to submit assignments or check off tasks

Task #1: Encourage your seniors to identify 2-3 colleges or post-secondary programs they would like to apply to.  You could require students to complete some or all of these options.

Task #2: Once they’ve identified some colleges, have seniors complete the College Application Worksheet, to prepare personal information they may need to complete their college application on the day of the event

Task #3: Apply Kansas Event.  Have seniors complete college applications, request transcripts, submit fee waivers (when applicable) and then complete the sign out survey to report their data.

  • Could be a virtual event with students completing applications in real time
  • Could look like “office hours” with volunteers hosting a virtual form for students to check in with questions or when completed
  • Could do a social media blitz when students finish, post where they applied 

Task #4: Follow up with FAFSA completion instructions/events & Financial Aid resources

4. Incentivize seniors completing all 4 tasks.  Certificate?  Drawing for a prize?  Apply Kansas Swag?

5. Complete the list on the Site Coordinators' page to gather & submit your school’s data to the Apply Kansas team