Teacher Education Initiatives

The following opportunities are currently available:

Teacher Education Competitive Grant Program

The Kansas Teacher Education Competitive Grant Program (KTECGP) was established through Kansas House Bill 2185 (2007) to increase the number of licensed teachers in hard-to-fill disciplines and/or underserved geographic areas of the state.

The Kansas Board of Regents administers this grant in which the six state universities and Washburn University are eligible to apply for funds.  Institutions may use grant funds to create a new teacher education program or expand an existing program and must match grant funds on the basis of $1 from the institution to every $2 received from the grant.  

This initiative, which provides resources to institutions, is contingent upon funds available in the Teacher Service Scholarship Program, which provides financial support for students pursuing teaching careers in Kansas.  The chart below outlines the projects and funds awarded.


PROJECT-Target areas

Amount Awarded for AY 2016-17

Amount Awarded for AY 2017-18
Emporia State University
-Marjorie Bock
Teachers College Special Education Fellows (pdf)
-Special Education, Elementary & Secondary 
$84,340 $65,785
Fort Hays State University
-Teresa Woods

In PLACE Education (Innovative Pathways to Licensure and Competency in El Ed.)-Elementary (pdf)

$104,033 $81,146
Kansas State University
-Thomas Vontz
Kansas Transitions to Teaching (pdf)
-Elementary Education (Online Masters)
$182,330 $142,217
Wichita State University
-Shirley Lafever-Davis
Teacher Apprentice Program (pdf)
 -Special Education, Elementary Education
$100,193 $78,151
Washburn University
-Cherry Steffen
Paraprofessionals to Teachers (pdf)
-Special Education, Elementary & Secondary
$83,000 $64.740
  Total:  $553,896 $432,039

Questions about the Teacher Education Competitive Grant Program may be directed to:

Karla Wiscombe, Ed.D.
Director, Academic Affairs 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title II

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) TITLE II: Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals and Other School Leaders (formerly Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program)

All Title II funds are awarded to each state plan which, in Kansas, is through the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE). 


Options for Meeting Concurrent Enrollment Faculty Qualifications

For a list of online graduate courses offered by public universities in Kansas, click here.