December 15, 2010

New Standards Will Apply To Freshmen Entering High School in 2011

(TOPEKA) – Today the Kansas Board of Regents approved new standards for admission to the six state universities: Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State University, the University of Kansas, and Wichita State University. The standards, which will apply to freshmen entering high school in 2011, represent more than a year’s worth of work by the Board of Regents and an Admissions Task Force comprised of community and education leaders, and input from a variety of statewide stakeholders.

“Improving student success is the major goal of these new standards,” said Regent Gary Sherrer of Overland Park, the Chairman of the Board of Regents. “Increasing the number of successful higher education graduates is critical to our state’s future.”


Before 1996, Kansas had an open admissions standard; any Kansas resident that graduated from an accredited high school was guaranteed admission to one of the state universities. In 1996, the Kansas Legislature adopted “Qualified Admissions” standards which for the first time established minimum criteria for admission to the State Universities. In 2009, the Kansas Legislature transferred admission-setting authority to the Board of Regents, the governing board for the six state universities, and the changes unanimously approved today are the first standards the Board has independently established.

Current Admissions Standards

Under the current Qualified Admissions standards, students graduating from an accredited Kansas high school, under the age of 21, must meet one of the following three criteria to gain admission to one of the six state universities:

1) Earn an ACT composite score of at least 21; OR
2) Graduate in the top one-third of their graduating high school class; OR
3) Earn a GPA of at least 2.0 on the pre-college curriculum.
Admissions Standards Adopted Today

Students graduating from an accredited Kansas high school, under the age of 21, must:
1) Complete the pre-college or Kansas Scholars curriculum with at least a 2.0 GPA; AND
2) Achieve ONE of the following:
    a) Earn an ACT composite score of 21 or higher; OR
    b) Earn a combined SAT score of 980 or higher on math and critical reading; OR
    c) Rank in the top one-third of their graduating high school class.

New admissions standards were also approved for graduates of un-accredited high schools (including home-schooled students), GED students, students who are 21 or older, and international students. The new standards can be viewed on pages 18-22 of the December meeting agenda which is located on the Board of Regents’ website at the following link: AgendaKBORDec15-16,2010.pdf 


About the Kansas Board of Regents:
The nine-member Kansas Board of Regents is the governing board of the state’s six universities and the statewide coordinating board for the state’s 32 public higher education institutions (seven public universities, 19 community colleges, and six technical colleges). In addition, the Board administers the state’s student financial aid, adult education, GED, and career and technical education programs. The Board also authorizes private proprietary schools and out-of-state institutions to operate in Kansas, and administers Kan-ed, a statewide network that provides broadband Internet access and distance learning capabilities for schools, hospitals, and libraries.

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