Work of the Council

The work of the Council will focus on four major areas:  college and workforce preparedness, public-private partnerships, workforce inventory and assessment, and metrics.


These areas of major focus are addressed by four subcommittees.

  1. College & Workforce Preparedness Subcommittee – Explore methods for integrating college and workforce preparedness into K-12 learning programs that align with and compliment the work of the Kansans Can initiative of the Kansas State Department of Education.
  2. Public-Private Partnerships Subcommittee – Consider the application of public-private partnerships in developing industry-specific learning goals.
  3. Workforce Inventory & Assessment Subcommittee – Inventory and assess existing workforce development initiatives within the state.
  4. Metrics Subcommittee – Discuss a system for measuring effectiveness and accountability of educational opportunities beyond the common and known metrics.