Common Courses

Common Courses serve as potential articulation and transfer of coursework between secondary and postsecondary partners.   These courses shall have the same title, credit hour allocation, and competencies.  Institutions may add additional competencies based on local demand.  The sequencing of common courses is determined by the institution.

Intro to Surgical Technology, revised – 4 credits (pdf)
Principles and Practices Lecture Competencies of ST, – 5 credits (pdf)
Principles and Practices of ST Lab, – 3 credits (pdf)
Surgical Procedures I, – 4 credits (pdf)
Surgical Procedures II, – 5 credits (pdf)
ST Certification Review - 1 credit (pdf)

Support Courses* (up to) 28 credits

ST Clinical - (up to) 13 credits
Medical Terminology - (up to) 3 credits
Microbiology - (up to) 5 credits
Pharmacology - (up to) 3 credits
Anatomy and Physiology w/lab - (at least) 5 credits
CPR - 0-1 credit

* Institutions may utilize existing like courses which adhere to the agreed upon course lengths and competencies.
Course list sequence has no implication on course scheduling by college.
Institutions may add additional competencies based on local demand.