The Kansas Board of Regents Private Postsecondary Education Department authorizes private and out-of-state institutions to operate in Kansas with a Certificate of Approval that must be renewed annually. These schools offer instruction for business trade, technical or industrial occupations, or confer degrees. All schools operating with a physical presence in Kansas or that are actively soliciting* enrollment of prospective students to receive instruction in the state of Kansas must apply for a certificate of approval or an exemption.

An institution approved by the Kansas Board of Regents goes through a comprehensive and rigorous process to ensure it is educationally sound, financially stable, and well run.  Kansas Board of Regents Private Postsecondary Education staff strive to work closely with approved institutions to ensure the continued quality of educational programs is the best possible for Kansas students.

Private and out-of-state postsecondary institutions offering coursework in Kansas should review the information on this website to determine if a Certificate of Approval is required to operate in Kansas.  Click here to review information, learn how to apply, print forms, and contact us for help.

*Active solicitation of Kansas students may include (but is not limited to) trying to attract Kansas students (who will remain in Kansas while taking course work) by doing things like placing ads in Kansas papers or running ads on Kansas based TV or Radio stations, mailing Kansas residents written material, sending representatives into Kansas to attempt student recruitment, or engaging in other means of solicitation that specifically contacts or targets Kansas residents in order to encourage them to enroll.

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Applying for Certificate of Approval

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