Policies and procedures for new program approval are found in Chapter II, Section A of the Policy Manual

New program proposals shall include:  
•  Program narrative that addresses criteria outlined in the policy
•  New Program Summary Form (must be included with the narrative)
•  New Program Curriculum Form (must be included with the narrative)
•  New Program Fiscal Summary Form (must be included with the narrative)

New concentration/minor proposals shall include:
New Concentration/Minor Form

Proposed University Programs:
• Kansas State University - MS in Personal Finance Planning
• Pittsburg State University - Doctor of Nursing Practice
• University of Kansas - PhD in Atmospheric Science
• University of Kansas - BAS in Biotechnology
• Pittsburg State University - MS in Polymer Chemistry


Community Colleges & Technical Colleges

Policies/procedures for approval of courses and programs are found in Chapter III, Section A of the Policy Manual.

Approval forms and documents:
• CA-1 New Program Request Form  
• Technical Program Approval Schedule 2014-2015
• CA-1a Fiscal Summary for New Program Request Form
• CA-2 Revised Program Request Form
• CA-2a A Program Revision Application Form 
• AAS in Technical Studies Program Request Form  
• Guidelines for AAS in Technical Studies Degree 
• AAS in Technical Studies Q & A 
• Business and Industry Training Course Approval Form 
• Business and Industry Training Guidelines
• Kansas Community Colleges: Enrollment and Financial Statistics
• Out-District Instruction Approval Form - From Institutions
• Out-District Instruction Approval Form -  Kansas Board of Regents 

Proposed Community College Programs:
•  Barton Community College - Mental Health Technician