Kansas Nursing Initiative

The Kansas Nursing Initiative was developed to address the growing nursing shortage in the state, providing needed resources to nursing education programs to enable them to increase their capacity of nursing students.

Since 2004 both the U.S. Department of Labor and the Kansas Department of Labor have identified Registered Nursing (RN) as one of the top occupations in terms of job growth and an area where there is critical shortage. Responding to a request from the Legislative Budget Committee, the Regents submitted a report to the Governor and Legislature describing the resources required to increase the capacity of the state’s higher education system for educating registered nurses by 25 percent or 250 students. The 2006 Legislature responded by investing $3.4 million dollars in grant funds as part of a 10-year commitment to begin addressing four identified barriers to nursing education program expansion. These grant funds were made available to public postsecondary institutions with nursing programs through a competitive grant process and required matching funds from the institution. The three initial grant opportunities included the following:

  • Nurse Educator Scholarship program ($200,000 per year with institutional match of $1 for each $2 awarded),
  • Nursing Faculty Salaries & Supplies grants ($1.2M per year with institutional match of $1 for each $1 awarded), and
  • Nursing Facilities and Equipment Upgrade grants ($2M one-year funds with institution match of $1 for each $2 awarded).

In FY 2008 an additional $600,000 was appropriated to support the Nursing Faculty Salaries & Supplies grant program for a new total of $1,800,000. In July 2008 the legislature also made an additional $100,000 available to support Nursing faculty salaries and supplies for nursing programs at four private sector institutions—Brown Mackie College-Lenexa, Brown Mackie College-Salina, MidAmerica Nazarene University and Southwestern College.

Today, subject to annual appropriation from the Legislature, $1.9 million is annually available to both public and privately funded educational institutions with registered nursing programs. Over the ten-year lifespan (July 2006 to June 2016) of this initiative, a total of $23 million will have been invested by the state to increase the education of additional registered nurses.

The First Six Years Consolidated Report (pdf)
Nursing Initiative Grant Annual Report Template
Nursing Initiative Grant EOY Submission, 2013 PPT (pdf)
2014 Grant Fund Expenditures Budget Form
2014 Letter of Intent to Participate
2014 Nursing Annual Certificate (pdf)
Liaisons For Nursing Initiative Grant (pdf)