Preparing for the Exam

Preparation programs offer instruction aimed at successful completion of the GED® exam. For more specific information about what each program offers, contact the program directly. In addition to providing GED® instruction, many of these programs offer English as a Second Language and other adult education and family literacy services.

In Kansas, the minimum age required to take the GED® exam is 18 years old. You can be 16 or 17 and take the GED® exam if you have the following exception: 16 and 17 year-old candidates must present a Compulsory School Attendance Disclaimer and/or a Compulsory Attendance Exemption Form accompanied by a parent and/or legal guardian’s signature. The completed Compulsory School Attendance Disclaimer and/or the Compulsory Attendance Exemption Form must be from the school district in which the candidate currently resides. Click here for more information.

To pursue testing, the test candidate will begin by creating a MyGEDTM portal account at prior to submitting the form.  A copy of this form must then be submitted to the High School Equivalency State Administrator: or faxed to 888-975-8313. Once this form is accepted, the hold on the account will be removed. When the test candidate is ready to test, testing can schedule by logging back into the MyGEDTM portal account at

Testing Centers

GED® Testing is not conducted or available through correspondence or the Internet.  GED® Testing is a computer-based exam, conducted under secure conditions exclusively at authorized Pearson VUE Testing Centers (PVTC).  Authorized PVTCs are approved by the National GED Testing Service and the State GED Administrator. PVTCs are staffed by approved Pearson VUE Test Administrators. To register for the GED® exam through a PVTC, go to and create a user account. To locate an authorized PVTC, you will log into your MyGEDTM portal account at and click the “Find a Test Center” tab.

To find a Test Center without a MyGEDTM portal account, click here and select "Test center locator" under the "For The Educators" tab.