CIP Code: 51.0602
CIP Name: Dental Hygiene/Hygienist
Definition: A program that prepares individuals to clean teeth and apply preventive materials, provide oral health education and treatment counseling to patients, identify oral pathologies and injuries, and manage dental hygiene practices. Includes instruction in dental anatomy, microbiology, and pathology; dental hygiene theory and techniques; cleaning equipment operation and maintenance; dental materials; radiology; patient education and counseling; office management; supervised clinical training; and professional standards.  


Approval Status

The Dental Hygiene Alignment was approved by the Kansas Board of Regents on April 17, 2014.  Colleges are granted one year from the approval date to implement the alignment.

State Business and Industry Committee recommendation

State and National licensure was used in lieu of a Business and Industry Committee. All programs must be accredited by the American Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).  All students are required to sit for the National Dental Hygiene Board exam, State Dental Hygiene licensure exam and one of the following Regional Clinical Board exams: Central Regional Dental Testing (CRDTS) or Western Regional Examining Board (WREB). .

Alignment Map:     Click here (pdf)

Common Courses (12 credit hours)

Common Courses serve as potential articulation and transfer of coursework between secondary and postsecondary partners.   These courses shall have the same title, credit hour allocation, and competencies.  Institutions may add additional competencies based on local demand.  The sequencing of common courses is determined by the institution.

Dental Radiography 2 credit hours (pdf)
Dental Materials         2 credit hours (pdf)
Periodontics 3 credit hours (pdf)
General and Oral Pathology 3 credit hours (pdf)
Dental Public Health         2 credit hours (pdf)

Agreed Upon Dental Hygiene Courses: (24-25 credit hours)

Institutions may utilize existing course titles listed for courses that adhere to the agreed upon course length rand and competencies for the agreed upon Dental Hygiene courses.

1. Clinical Dental Hygiene I: Pre-Clinical 5 credit hours
        or Dental Health Safety & Dental Hygiene Process I 
        or Infection Control & Pre-Clinical Hygiene Process

2. Clinical Dental Hygiene II         4 credit hours 
        or Dental Hygiene Process II

3. Clinical Dental Hygiene III         5 to 6 credit hours 
        or Dental Hygiene Process III

4. Clinical Dental Hygiene IV         6 credit hours
        or Dental Hygiene Process & Transition in to Dental
        Hygiene Practice

5. Development Dentistry & Head and Neck Anatomy 4 credit hours         
        or Embryology, Histology & Oral Anatomy or Head
        and Neck Anatomy, Embryology and Histology

Support Courses

Institutions may utilize existing like courses which adhere to the agreed upon course lengths and competencies.

Microbiology 4 to 5 credit hours
Anatomy and Physiology 5 to 8 credit hours
Chemistry         5 credit hours

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