The Kansas Board of Regents provides information on the Kansas Private and Out-of-State Educational Institution Act of 2004 governing schools and Article 28 the Regulation to accompany the law.  Please read the application instructions carefully.

Anyone wishing to establish or purchase an institution in the State of Kansas must apply for a Certificate of Approval.  The application is to be completed and returned along with the supporting materials, and the application fee. The application will be reviewed, and any additional documentation may be requested from the Private Postsecondary Education staff.

A school bond in the amount of $20,000 is required; however, this should not be completed by your bonding company until the effective date is determined by the Kansas Board of Regents.  Please include a copy of the intent letter from your bonding company.

Anyone promoting your school or soliciting enrollment in the State of Kansas must be registered as a representative.  The fee for each representative must also be included.  No certificate will be issued until all requested material is received.

Anyone wishing to obtain a Certificate of Approval may e-mail Jennifer L. Armour at or Danielle Garretson at to obtain a link to the online initial inquiry questionaire.