The Kansas Board of Regents Fall Meeting provides new information to private and out-of-state postsecondary institutions operating in Kansas on a variety of topics.  The 2013 meeting included presentations on resources available to job seekers and employers; a review of changes coming to the High School Equivalent (HSE) process, formerly known as GED; a preview of new data collection processes; and a review of data collected last year.  A public meeting of the state PPS Advisory Commission followed the morning’s presentations.

Kansas Works
This presentation by Mike Beene, Director of Employment Services at the Kansas Department of Commerce, highlighted resources available to job seekers in all areas of Kansas.  Additional resources employers can access were also discussed.
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Master Advisory Committee Presentation

This presentation, by Liz Lanphear of KBOR, focused on the substantial changes coming to the GED process, now known as the High School Equivalent (HSE) process.  As of January 2, 2014 all HSE testing will be computer based. Students needing confirmation of past GED testing can now access that information on-line. Following the HSE presentation, Craig Haugsness, of KBOR, previewed the new data collection process. The new student-level data collection will allow similar data to be collected for public and private institutions.
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2011-2012 PPS Data Slides
The final presentation of the morning by Jacqui Johnson, Director of the PPS Division of KBOR, reviewed data collected last year. Charts were presented showing the growth of private and out-of-state schools over several years.
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